Who went and had himself a little boy to carry on the name


and who's gonna show us all all a thing or two about mastering this game

will it go on and on


'n Who went and had himself a little boy with a clear-eyed happy wife

will a generational default be all that's left of life


oh where did I go wrong in this where did I lose that love

Will the pain of all that's lost for good be the burdens carried on


Into another place and time not life into the void of all

Where is all the damage that humbled down this wall



Tell me who went and had himself a little boy to show big brother up good

will the happiness of throwing all this love make everything as it should?


And will this be a happy time just another day in paradise


Will you ever understand such pain will you have the strength to carry on?


to carry on with life


Now look who's standing here tonight with his tail between his legs

Was it love that I needed all along I just didn't know how to beg


Oh I never learned how to beg... for love I didn't know how to beg for love

I didn't know to need that love. Didn't know how to ask or plead

couldn't ever let you see me plead Oh I didn't know how to ask or reach

My mamma thought it wasn't what you teach And I didn't know how to ask.... fooooor love


I never knew how to beg... for love Oh, I never knew how to beg.... for love.

And this is all that's left of.................. me



So tell me who went and had himself a little boy to bless himself with life

and in the corner will you leave just the tiniest burning light.


Oh, I didn't know how to ask for, I never learned how to try right

I never learned how to cry right, I never never learned to plead for

No payoff just to bleed for I never learned how to beg........ for love.


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