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Interesting that more and more top doctors are reaching out for Bodyscan reports, in view of the unerring accuracy of this biofeedback therapy device. It's easy to see that attitudes are being modified in the face of the best of our new generation of biofeedback and bioenergetically-based devices.

Make no mistake: MANY of those so-called "top doctors" who focus more on their personal wealth than on service will gripe and groan, and may even seek to gainsay the reputation or effectiveness of the Bodyscan. Thankfully, the tale of the tape speaks far louder.

Without treating or even diagnosing, Bodyscan is far more accurate than even a group of experts in diagnosis. Using galvanic skin resistance to measure your sensitivity to many thousands of substances, the Bodyscan, particularly the Phazx Bodyscan2010, is exquisitely accurate.

Every human is different, and responds differently to any given substance, whether it's natural or synthetic. Some people take a particular prescription drug and die or get very sick. Other people have little observable response to those same medications.

There is a broad and deep array of substances for each person to be wary of, not least of them molds, bacteria, toxins, internal parasites, and so much more; all affecting us, all of them affecting us discretely, individually. These invaders are much easier to deal with when we know precisely which ones we are most affected by. The Bodyscan addresses this two ways.

  • Measuring your precise sensitivities -- Each part of your body has an identifiable response to every known sensory or substance input. Those organs or particular tissues respond most severely to specific external influences. That puts YOUR individual system out of whack. The skilled Bodyscan operator knows hundreds of "results" relating directly and specifically to your particular sensitivities, and can then make recommendations on the best course of action to regain your natural state of being healthy and balanced.

  • Biofeedback relaxation therapy - Knowing which part of the body to focus upon provides the single most identifiable, repeatable method of regaining natural health and balance.

    People delighted at the accuracy

    By and large, the advances in the many years that have passed allow us to basically look inside the human system, determine what's out of whack, and then correct it. In the case of competent naturopathic doctors, the corrections are best pursued with natural means, rather than synthetic. It's safer, healthier, and promotes living younger for longer periods of time.

    The Bodyscan has proven itself to be one of the five or six most useful devices in any of the health fields, and certainly the most accurate biofeedback device available today. Although the device itself runs above $35,000, the operation of the Bodyscan is inexpensive, and is likely to replace synthetic pharmaceuticals for a majority of Americans. Whether the FDA promotes this device, which must surely replace billions of dollars of pharmaceuticals at some point, or whether the FDA prefers the more expensive path of pharmaceutical drugs, remains to be seen.

    With so many disappointing or dishonest practices both in conventional medicine as well as natural, the FDA must move slowly and cautiously to protect the public interest. It's one of the few organs of government that has the power to help people hugely. Hopefully, the FDA will indeed examine results in effectiveness rather than results in dollars. That is the greatest legacy they can give us.

    The Bodyscan measures our precise sensitivity to over 16,000 substances, toxins, and more in the human body. Tells you what is doing and where, and by how much. It's fair to describe the Bodyscan2010 as "next generation" biofeedback equipment. Made by Phazx, there are nearly a thousand doctors and naturopaths in the US who operate full-time Bodyscans. It has to be admitted that there's something compelling about a device that can tell us what's wrong and why without diagnosing, without even mentioning specific diseases -- only leading us to learn what the problem is, rather than the symptoms. In short, the Bodyscan quickly and effectively ennables a competent practitioner to see what is the healthiest and most effective way to return that part of your body to its natural state.

    With N.D., PhD., M.H., C.N.C., and a ready charming wit, Dr. Cohen might easily have become rich long ago, yet appears to invest the bulk of his time either studying to become even more proficient, or else trying to get everyone around him to make use of the information provided by the Bodyscan2010 or the SpectraVision or Ondamed, etc. It helps to see someone who personally uses what he professes to be most useful. That's not too common.

    Conditions Not Responding to Conventional Drugs/Surgery

    When patients are told by their surgeons and other specialists that allopathic medicine has done as much as it can, that there are no other drugs or surgery that would be useful, it's the rare person who doesn't turn to naturopathy, which is still the only branch of medicine that requires no malpractice insurance for obvious reasons.

    When the men, women and children who come to this naturopath come back only to say thank you, or if they or a loved one develops a new challenge, it is difficult to avoid comparison with the eternally low success rate of conventional medicine. When the best techniques used by the richest people throughout human history are still being used by the wealthiest people of this highly advanced generation, it's important to take notice. Closer examination shows the frequency of combining, and the benefits of combining, history's best techniques with the most advanced technology constantly available. "... constantly available" entails ongoing research and continuing development.

    the ability to use technology to gain instantly useful information such as the Bodyscan provides, added to the longest-lasting methods and techniques of those who live younger longer, adds up to individual people making much better, more informed decisions about how long and how well they live.

    With impressive devotion to study, and research credentials to match his phenomenal memory, his journey of thirty years' duration studying and practicing, researching and applying, might well be described as America's most effective naturopath. If not, he's certainly convinced that with better, more specific information, patients who aren't getting relief from drugs and surgery need to take a look at the powerful shortcuts that the rich and famous have been using for more than a few dozen centuries before now.

    Nothing, but nothing on earth has proven to be as accurate, or as rapid, for that matter, than QRA, the short name for quantum reflex analysis.
    QRA itself is an innovation of the 20th and 21st centuries, from Dr. Omura's bidigital o-ring test, to Dr. Marshall's development of QRA.
    They both have their roots and nurturance - or nutrition - in vastu, the oldest form of science in the history of humankind.
    Vastu is an entirely useful tool you are highly recommended to learn, so you can use vastu for you and yours.
    Once you get the basics of vastu down, it is a small step indeed to learn quantum reflex analysis, which WILL change your everything, and more so if you are educated.

The  BodyScan™2010 has the ability to identify chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and even dental material as well as other toxic materials in the human body.  Over 10,000 substances in 60 categories can be scanned.

The BodyScan™2010 can also determine the energetic level of each and every organ in the body and how well they are functioning.

When we take this knowledge to a bidigital o-ring test,
innovated to what has grown into ">quantum reflex analysis,
you get to determine precisely what nutrition you are deficient in,
and even how much of it you need to take, per day, to regain your balance.

Live longer, live better, with naturopathic treatments.
In terms of time, health, aggravation, and more, naturopathy IS eminently more affordable,

Best of all, it's the healthiest way to live younger.... longer.

Consider it a foundation of the Life Path of Natural Answers

Today is the best possible day for you to take control of how long and how well you live.

Naturopathic medicine is that branch of medicine which means NO surgery, NO drugs;
healing the human body with substances and items that occur naturally in our natural environment.

Such is the Faster Path To Mastery,
brought to you by the Godfather of Shortcuts for you to help yourself.

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BodyScan is changing the world of medicine. Find out WHY BodyScan is so effective in naturopathic treatment of diseases, injuries, and more. Best naturopathic doctors in America USA Brooklyn NY