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The Bionetics Phazx BodyScan 2010 (the BodyScan) uses biofeedback to monitor the flow of energy through the body. It is then able to regulate the body's organs, through use of this knowledge of energy flow along the acupuncture meridians, in a similar way to traditional Chinese medicine. What multiplies its value is the program's electronic duplication of many thousands of precisely unique signatures of the substances we're regularly exposed to. Determining what you personally are sensitive to is a major boon to health care.

The energy flow of a particular subject correlates with his or her degree of health and wellness. The science of electricity and electronic signatures has been established in many of the past century's technological achievements. Here, it's used to benefit the human condition. Unlike medical diagnosticians, who make educated guesses, the Bodyscan doesn't guess. It duplicates something more detailed than a fingerprint.

The developers of this device claim that the BodyScan's capacity to detect imbalances in energy flow provides the ability to identify stress imbalances on a sub-clinical level. Therefore, through the study of energy flow, the BodyScan can detect potential ailments before they have time to physically emerge. More often than not, a skilled practitioner can tell YOU what's bothering you, or has bothered you in the past, without you saying a word. That's how accurate the device is. Since it cannot injure, no insurance or other requirements apply.

With the cost now hovering at $300 million to prove a device worthy of FDA endorsement, it's not likely to happen soon. The device itself is computer-based, so multi-thousand dollar fees cannot be justified, which effectively eliminates it from a medical doctor's equipment, although a growing number of medical physicians have come around to see the value of the device. Good information is valuable.

How the BodyScan works

The Phazx BodyScan 2010 is gentle, with soft velcro bands for comfort at the head, wrists and ankles. Measing the body's response to the micro-frequencies of thousands of substances, the Bodyscan's precision is accurate and helpful. When you see a reduction of energy passing through particular tissue or organs, no human eye can detect this alone. When it's clear that an identified area of your body is displaying significant sensitivity to a particular substance, you get to eliminate all the wrong guesses regarding allergies and sensitivities. Maybe you're not allergic to milk, as you might have been told; if it's something similar, but different, the Bodyscan practitioner will see it in the precise number expressed in two to five digits for each of the many thousands of substances it's electronically duplicating.

The BodyScan records voltage, frequency and current measurements, and from these can infer a number of other electrical properties between the electrodes, such as impedance, thus working on a basis of biofeedback. This principle allows the BodyScan to test over 6,000 substances in 52 categories, including homeopathy, foods, herbs, trees, minerals, supplements, dental materials, amino acids, sarcodes, flower essences, chemicals, bacteria, etc. Other devices, such as the F-Scan and QXCI machine provide the practitioner with similar information. However, the F-Scan can only test up to 80 different substances, whereas the QXCI can electronically (computer-aided) identify up to 8,000 different compounds, working on a similar biofeedback basis.

In addition to this multi-channel testing, the BodyScan includes a single channel stylus, hand-mass, harness, probe, wand and brass plate, for more specific measurement of organs and substances. The information gained from use of the BodyScan may then be used to aid the practitioner in the suggestion of possible rebalancing therapies or treatments for the patient's body.

BodyScan Uses

The capabilities of the BodyScan can be seperated into two main catagories: diagnostic and treatment. The BodyScan's diagnostic capabilities are astounding and include a series of screenings:

· Food sensitivity
· Nutritional
· Vitamin
· Dental nodes
· Viruses
· Bacteria
· Organs, Fungus, Parasites, Chromosomes
· Homeopathic - remedies
· Herbal
· Bach flower remedies
· Environmental

The BodyScan's range of therapies are also wide-ranging:

· Rife
· Bio-resonance
· Trivector adjustment
· Scaler and null field
· Electro-acupuncture
· Allergy desensitization
· Color, Sound therapy
· Phobia
· Addiction
· Dental

History of the BodyScan

The BodyScan 2010 and QXCI devices come from similar sources. In the 1950's, Dr. Reinhold Voll MD developed a simple electrodermal testing technique, which he christened electro-acupuncture (EAV). Following on from this, whilst working at Stanford University in the 1970's, Dr. William Tiller discovered that the skin displays unique electrical reactions to various impulses, especially over the known acupuncture points. Based on Chinese acupuncture therapies, Phazx Systems Inc. developed the BodyScan 2010 to monitor the "body's energy flow, stress of the meridians and cellular communication".

Specifications of the BodyScan

Frequency: DC to 15 Hz (-3 dB)
Current: < 35 mA
Voltage: < 2.27 V
Nominal Accuracy: 50 % ± 2 % of full-scale at 100 kOhms
Operating Voltage: 2 x 110-120 V ~ 1 Amp 50/60 Hz, or 2 x 250 V ~ 0.5 Amps 50/60Hz

The Bodyscan was Dr. Bill Nelson's preliminary device before he went on to develop the superior QXCI. Both are leaders in the field of energetic medicine, however, the QXCI offers the practitioner a much wider choice of options at a lower price, and works on a shorter time scale. Training, experience, and ultimate expertise yield the greater differences. A skilled practitioner will be effective with either the Bodyscan or QXCI.

These devices can help to suggest a very useful treatment and screening program for the energy medicine practitioner.

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