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If you're still waiting for your doctor to heal you of illness or chronic pain, you'd better think twice. The third-largest cause of death in America is "Iatrogenia," which means, "brought by the doctor." Over 200,000 Americans killed every year by medical error & prescription drugs. Health care costs are insane.

Money aside, how many hours of our lives do we spend waiting unnecessarily? Is this courteous? Hundreds of hours, and they're not handling emergencies. The time, money and inconvenience we invest waiting for prescriptions to be filled; the pain of a physical problem not responding to medical treatment; and certainly the loss of "quality of life" when our illness or ailment does not respond to medical treatment… all add up to a cost worth even more than the obscenely high fees we pay for medical care in America. Conventional health care is all about money, and no intelligent person can deny it. A good living? Of course. Obscene luxury at the expense of tragic children and adults who need help? What a disgusting way to obtain personal wealth: at other people's most vulnerable moments. It's only one step beneath the level of funeral homes, who charge far more than a hundred times the cost of burying a body. Maybe it's no coincidence that the two industries are so closely related. Whether you die or live, you have to pay these people outrageous sums, causing hundreds of thousands of Americans to balk.

Compelling reasons for the ongoing upsurge of participationt in naturopathic medicine, accredited branch of health care that rejects slicing into human flesh except in life-or-death situations; and avoids the use of prescription drugs known by definition to be toxic therapies. Why? Good question. Without exception, the only reason a drug requires a doctor's prescription is that the drug has dangerous or deadly side effects. When a drug company can make a drug safe enough not to harm the human body, it is removed from the prescription list and sold "over the counter," which means anyone can buy it.

With naturopathic medicine, the objective is NOT to overrule the human system with man-made chemicals. It's foundation is the use of natural healing agents and nutrients -- to return your body back to its natural, healthy balance. You can't get rich as a naturopathic doctor because your patients don't need to come every week for two and three and five years and beyond.

Knowing in advance they'll never get rich, naturopathic doctors tend to be as noble as many of our schoolteachers are, because it is the love of helping people, not Mercedes-Benz, that drives and motivates the majority of naturopathic practitioners. As with everything in life, actions are louder than words.

In Boro Park, Brooklyn, I was introduced to Dr. David Cohen, N.D., Ph.D., M.H., C.N.C. By the time I'd spoken with some thirty or so people who'd gone to Dr. Cohen following unsatisfactory results from conventional medical care, I was shocked: without exception, every patient who walked out his door was feeling better. Almost every one of them enjoyed this improvement after a single visit. Clearly, patients who've been suffering from chronic pain were getting fast, gratifying results. One patient, the Rebbetzin of a famous tzaddik, spoke of a dozen doctors who made no progress with her, only to be made unintentional fools of when Dr. Cohen helped her dramatically in one visit. This impressive man mixes thirty years of study, application and research with highly advanced technology to help people who have suffered needlessly. Stories of the little boy with rotted flesh on his feet coming after dozens of cortisone injections had made it worse being improved in one visit, healed in eight, and others, abound.

Naturopathy has a wide range of modern biofeedback technology light-years ahead of just a decade ago. A wonderful example of this is Phazx's biofeedback device called Bodyscan2010. Measuring your precise sensitivities to over 16,000 substances in 59 categories, it provides exquisitely accurate information on what you're sensitive to. Biofeedback relaxation therapy is far more influential in helping our bodies to correct its own problems than we might ever have thought. "Mind over matter" does not mean the problem is not there; it means that when your brain is relaxed, the healing process is massively accelerated, and the science is quite clear on this.

No needles, no drugs, no surgeries; in fact, nothing invasive at all. Imagine the healing love of a grandma combined with state-of-art-technology, and you've got a fair picture of naturopathic medicine in America when technology is knowledgably embraced.

People who become naturopathic doctors clearly do so for reasons more compelling than piling money. When we consider how health care costs have escalated in America, with so little increase in quality, and thousands of deaths every single week just from prescription drugs and medical error, it's wonderful to hear actions speaking louder than words. With 24% of all U.S. hospitals now offering alternative remedies, and some forty percent of all American patients at least dipping their foot into these waters, it's important to remember that pharmaceutical drugs have been around for about a century, natural remedies and natural medicine approaches have been successfully used for dozens of centuries. So sorry to sound like "an old wive's tale," yet the truth is, my grandmother's home remedies have never failed, and never made me sick. What about you? Have you ever been made sick or not benefited from a prescription drug? Do you know someone who got sick or even died from pharmaceuticals or chemotherapy? I do.

The brilliance of a very few naturopaths, such as the David Cohen written about here, is that they understand that natural remedies only work a certain percentage of the time; same with even great technology-based approaches in naturopahy. To compensate for this, they use up to a dozen or more customized approaches for each patient SIMULTANEOUSLY! Since no item causes any harm whatsoever, there can be no objection to what appears at first and superficial glance to be scattershot approach. Fact is, when approximately one hundred percent of all patients report great results, only blockheadedness would prevent me, or any objective observer, from taking a good second look.

To learn more about the highly effective approaches to illness and chronic pain used by others like him, you can visit his one hundred or so websites, billed as "The Healthiest Websites," via www.helpmedoctor.org, or DoctorDavidCohen.com. His office can be reached at (718) 627-7272.

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