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32000                         911day Memorial II

Acoustic Cardiograph                         Age 14

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BestShortcuts.com                         AskRight

Attitude                         Ballerina

Bartender                         Ben Rich

Besttest                         Billionaires

Billions!                         Bodyscan2010

QXCI                         Nutri-Spec

Boost                         Boss

Closing                         Cold Cure

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Computershortcuts4                         Keyboard Shortcuts

Critics                         Criticss

Culture                         Current

Cybernetic                         Desire

Direction                         Doctors

Doctors 2                         Dreamdare

Mousetoy                         Economy

Enter                         Failure

Focus                         For Sure

Freepower                         Fulcrum

Wealth                         Goals

BrainCandy34                         EyeCandy 35

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Shortcuts 38                         Goalsheet

Change History                         Naturopathy

Naturopathy II                         Health Index

Habits                         Health

Health II                         Hopeless

Horses                         Hugs

Hundreds                         Iceberg

Imagination                         Important

Mineral Infrared Therapy                         Natural Pain Relief

Ayurvedic Medicine                         Impossible?

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Bodyscan Article II                         Harmony

YOUR Medical Dollars                         Newspaper Article

Flower Essence Therapy                         Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy II                         EyeCandy 7

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Oregano                         Alternative to Chiropractic

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Infants                         Keyboard Shortcuts

Last Ruby                         Lawyers

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List                         Literacy

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Meddestiny                         Millionaires

Millionaires 2                         Millionaires 3

Millionaires 4                         Millionaires 5

Minute                         Missions

Mood                         Moving

E.M.I.                         Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine II                         Breath of Life

Pain Relief                         Dr. Richard Gerber Testimonial

Psoriasis                         BodyScan Article I

Endorsements  (Patients, Doctors, Practitioners)                         Naysayers

Page 23                         Page3

Parents                         Pareto

Paychecks                         Payoffs

Pay  Yourself                         Piano

Poof                         Popcorn

Power                         Health 2

Breath of Life                        
Rife Technology                         Acoustic Cardiograph

Oxygen Therapy                         Squib

#1 On Earth                         Psoriasis

Reach                         Respond

Role Models                         Ruby 2

Ruby 3                         Sales

Sales 2                         Science

Scoring                         Shorcuts

Shortcuts                         Simcha

Sock                         STRESS Relief

Page 2                         Page 22

Top Members                         Top Ten

Viola                         Waldo

Want More                         Weddings

A Reader                         Who

W Blythe IV                         Windowsbutt

Write                         Give BILLIONS!



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MisterShortcut, dedicated to the reduction of our over-weaning, unhealthy reliance on
the strictly money-based decisions of doctors who provably love money more than life,
demonstrating this in HUNDREDS of THOUSANDs of "doctor error" deaths in America EVERY YEAR
by living luxurious lifestyles directly from the suffering of women, children, the elderly,
and perhaps most egregiously, the suffering of America's work force, our honest laborers.
If a doctor wants to be rich, he or she should join the merchant class, not the medical.
We understand that you believe your doctor is an exception, and cares greatly.
The best test? Look at your doctor's car or house. Even one step above average,
and we have proof that material interests supercede any care for healing.
Please understand that spending more on a car does not buy more car.
It buys something ego-based that robs your retirement of big cash.
Please understand that spending more on a car does not buy more car.
It buys something ego-based that robs your retirement of big cash.
In hope of you learning more in order to live more, naturally,
MisterShortcut is thrilled to present for your edification,
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Healthiest websites, naturopathic doctor.
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