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Health-Tower Axioms - Faster Path To Mastery

Health-tower, Health-Tower
What, you ask, is a health-tower?
Good question, since it engages you.
This particular page is about engaging?
The question is asked with multiple causes.
Health-Towers seek to engage YOU.
Health-towers are EyeCandy self-empowerment treats.
Characteristically interactive, health-towers lead to PowerGems.
PowerGems are the universal shortcuts of great health and wealth.
You might call health-related PowerGems another word: HealthGems.
What you call these PowerGems is far less vital than your use of them.
These are the shortcuts and secrets, approaches and attitudes of masters.
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, because they do.
We get it from the horse's mouth, or from the other end of the horse.
Whatever you wish to be best at, there are two hyper-shortcuts.
First, identify it in ten words or less; which is half the goal.
Secondly, identify ten or a hundred doing it far better.
Imitate them 100 to 1,000x each, THEN innovate.
This works approximately every time you do it.
Trying is a form of losing; doing is winning.
Thus, health-towers to engage wisdom.
Reach beyond your health-towers.

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What do we engage at the Faster Path To Mastery ?
Delivering the most powerful shortcuts of true masters.
The more we know, the better our decisions usually tend to be.
Thus, your Godfather of EyeCandy, MisterShortcut, known variously:
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DoctorShortcut, MrShortcut, Doctor-Shortcut and much more, adopting uniquity,
urges you to remember the motivational and then move beyond that into your hunger.
Nothing and that means nothing fuels an effort quite as empoweringly as your hunger.
Engage your Faster Path To Mastery to identify the simple shortcuts used by champions.
t When you combine your identified hunger with the shortcuts of masters and champions,
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