If and when you determine that excellence will be a part of your life, from learning quantum reflex analysis,
to what and how to eat and drink, to the even easier approaches to developing your retirement fund,
you must first observe and imitate the words, questions, actions and attitudes of those doing it best.
Whatever it is you determine to be among the best at, nothing is faster than using a master recipe.
You use this secret PowerGem for baking cookies, don't you? Did you invent your own recipe?
Not at first you didn't. You may well have IMPROVED or INNOVATED, so you did not invent.
The initial, groundbreaking work was done by others, and you then used their recipe, ey?
Once you have their recipe understood, that was when you innovated, added, etc.
So, too, with using the Faster Path To Mastery and the Life Path of Natural Answers :
We start by identifying those who did it best or do it best, in health, or in wealth,
and, once the recipe is understood, and usually practiced many times over,
we can then innovate or improve as we see fit, with each new repetition.
The Life Path of Natural Answers has proven to work for countless humans.
The Faster Path To Mastery is as old as humanity itself, in some ways,
because the techniques and methods and PowerGems have worked well for centuries.
Your job is to determine which HealthGems of the Life Path of Natural Answers fit into your health ideal,
and which PowerGems of the Faster Path To Mastery appeal the most to your pursuit of your success.
No one can do these things for you. You already know you can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink.
So, we present you with the Faster Path To Mastery and Life Path of Natural Answers and invite you to taste and test.
Every one of the HealthGems in the Life Path of Natural Answers is universal, and well-used by approximately every human.
Every PowerGem that adds to the constitution of the Faster Path To Mastery has proven to work for approximately everyone.
Because you have a computer, you probably do not use your local library anymore, do you? That may be a silly and short-sighted decision.
You see, your local library is STILL among the richest sources of powerful and useful information that is available to all members of the community.
SBA.gov is a magnificent website for growing a small business, and CFDA.gov is a place to find thousands of sources of literally free money for you.

What good is it to have such magnificent resources, and free access to such resources, if they are not repeatedly made use of?
What you know is a distant second to what it is that you DO with what you know, and that is the PowerGem for this web page.
Speak less, and do more, to see rapid, powerful improvements in everything that you set your mind to using again and again.