Perfect Shortcuts ARE The Secrets of Success With The Faster Path To Mastery

Perfect Shortcuts - The Faster Path To Mastery of Masters and Millionaires

Tapping the best shortcuts of all time that work almost every time.
Perfection is among the rarest of all things we experience from birth to death.
Anything that provides benefit eighty or more percent of the time approaches perfection.
You are encouraged to instantly electrify your life with simple, powerful, perfect shortcuts.

When you interview more than five thousand masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires, and have the good fortune to use your two ears and two eyes twice as much (each!) as your one mouth, you do learn perfect shortcuts. You do learn absolutely guaranteed shortcuts that work almost every time, and do in fact always work when they're applied one hundred or more times. How can you possibly argue this? MisterShortcut broke or shattered dozens and dozens and more dozens of records using these universal shortcuts, the Faster Path To Mastery itself is is comprised of more than a million connected pieces of proof. The goal is to get you to use your best shortcuts more often, to get fantastically accelerated results. Then, you are obligated to help those below you on the food chain of life.

What Makes Them Perfect Shortcuts ?

First, soak it deeply into your mind that the methods by which you have been taught have given you better communication tools, with only the most limited of instructions on how to use them. That's predicted to change, for you, in these next few minutes. You are promised better results when you stop all forward motion with every great idea until the most basic ten words of that idea are firmly in your mind, flowing alongside your inclinations. Great tools are just not that productive unless and until we learn to use them. You were given admittedly great tools, and too little instruction. As well, several of your most important teachers have told you to stop at a thought before moving forwards... at stupefyingly incorrect moments. That word is used because the methods by which we are all taught literally do stupefy intellectual and personal development. We spend so much time on the minors that the majors get no more attention or focus than the minors. That's illogical, and it provides consistently accurate information on why people possessing tools larger, sharper and more plentiful than any other group of people in history, Americans, allow themselves to stew in mediocrity for thousands and then more thousands of days of their lives, the Faster Path To Mastery aims to snap you and slap you out of your stupor. Enough mediocrity for one lifetime. Let's jump into the use of perfect shortcuts for your quick benefit.

Perfect Shortcuts For Drinking It In Faster

The methods you've been taught by have insisted on stopping at every word when you read. That's far too limiting. Stop at every concept; not every word. there is no possible way the one hundred and seven million lenses in your eyeball - each eye - can miss words of one or two or three letters each. Ignore the small words and you eliminate thirty percent of all you're wastefully trying to absorb.

The speed you read at is NOT measured by how fast your eyes go past the words. It's measured by how long your eye stops at each word. Stop stopping! That's right: stop stopping your eyes at every word. You only need to stop your eyes at words that have four or more letters in them. Your brain will catch the rest.

Once you get good at it, within a few weeks you'll also be whizzing past those, your eye looking for words with five or more letters. The one catch to this, and of course there's a catch, is that you have to mentally review what you've read every minute or so. Stop and consider what you just got from that paragraph or page and put it into your own words. That way, there's no need for you to take notes or record anything. It goes into your permanent, assimilated memory when you take any new fact or event and re-describe it to yourself in your own words. This alone instantaneously doubles your retention at least once, if not more than once. This way, you multiply your retention with added benefit of speediness.

It's an easy and perfect shortcut that only takes from ten seconds to ten minutes to get the hang of, to get it to where mastery is nothing more, nothing less, than repeating that shortcut one hundred or more times. By the time you've used this shortcut one hundred times, you might well be annoyed that no one bothered to point out the fact that your eye and brain pick up all the words on the page. ONLY new combinations of words need your active and conscious focus. All the surrounding words are captured by two hundred and fourteen million lenses, and refracted through to your brain's analysis, decision, and retention centers.

Not incidentally, at the end of ten pages, rather than juggling an average of thousands of words, you will be dealing with only a measurable fraction of that number. Your brain already knows where "to" and "for" and "and" belong. Trust yourself and have faith that your brain is far more prepared for advanced thinking than your most important influences have trained you to believe. Setting aside rah-rah motivation that wears off in a week or two, it's a factual recitation and recognition that your tools are meant to reach far greater speeds and heights and reaches of power. The methods you have been taught by have given you better communication tools and too little in the way of how to use them. Use what you know more.

There's nothing wrong with that sentence; only the way you're hearing it. Use what you know more.

You have been provided - or you have pursued - as little education or as much as your current results show to be the case. Do you understand? The best proof of education is the result of education. A black belt in karate who gets beat up ten times in a row does not have the best education. If he did, he'd win more. If this isn't clear in your mind, there's no rush. Accountants or auditors looking for irregularities, mechanic in a shop, the best around us are people who got great training or are self-trained.

Acknowledge that you've been given tiny manuals for your huge mind, your enormous box of tools and resources, which can accept far more than you've been assigned, more than has been expected of you. That frees up reservoirs of potential and access, as much as any physical obstacle removed.. Not to boost your ego; it's to help you recognize that your tool chest has more than just a hammer and screwdriver in it. There are no less than thousands and thousands of great shortcuts. Thankfully, they're all based on barely a dozen different facts of life. Is there a better example than the single greatest power that will ever come to a human being, a power you possess plenty of and only use for emergencies and petty needs?

Perfect Shortcuts To Perfect Thinking

Sure, and let's give you an extra minute to consider what the greatest power in the world is. Do you KNOW what the greatest power and shortcut and secret available to you is? Do you figure you have half a brain? Please forgive what you will erroneously perceive to be arrogance in stating that we're now going to explain why it's so useful, so immediately and powerfully helpful to you and your cause and your needs and desires for you to listen to those who are doing things better than you who want to share with you the best secrets of masters and champions. The proof that you need to listen, that you instantly and repeatedly benefit from listening, is found in the fact that you still don't know what your greatest power is, do you? The Faster Path To Mastery recognizes that we only value the nuggets we dig for, not those that are handed to us after someone else did the work; that the transitory glow of a profit on someone else is abraded, degraded and macerated by a subsequent understanding that profit comes at the direct expense of more than one other human for your singular benefit; not to sustain your life or provide your basic water. That direct expense nine times out of ten is for an excess of luxury, a rather petty pursuit of pleasure that is fleeting in comparison to what courses through your veins and arteries when you do a kindness that happens to hit a home run. If you can truly say that you have never done something that caused someone's face to light up in gratitude or relief or simple happiness, the Faster Path To Mastery recognizes your need to do some catching up. How about starting by taking a look at how unimportant or important you happen to be?

Of all the magical powers you could ever want to get hold of, imagine having one that's not only free and already in each of your pockets, powers that work more often and more effectively than any other secret or shortcut, would you buy a bag of them? Would you pay good hard cash? The Faster Path To Mastery has no need for cash; only one bowl of pasta and vegetables at a time, hmm? So, how can we bridge this vitally important gap that must exist, as a gap in a spark plug is good only because there IS a gap to jump across. If the top of the spark plug is pushed against the core of the spark plug, the spark plug does not work. It does not make sense, since you clearly want to conduct electricity from one piece of metal to another. Still, that's the way it works. So, too, with your brain, and the many great secrets and shortcuts of the most successful people you've ever taken the time to admire or wish to emulate.

If you're not to be charged money for information that comes with a ONE-HUNDRED-TIMES-YOUR-MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE, and you cannot be trusted with this information on a free-wheeling basis because we statistically know that eighty times of a hundred you will make the wrong decision to leave good information in your brain untouched... If you're not to be charged money and you can't get it for free, how can we encourage your instant lunge into more successful efforts? How can we guide you to seeing what's right in front of your face? What special combination of letters and words and punctuation marks will suffice to electrify at least five or ten or twenty separate aspects of your life immediately and forever and repeatedly? If you've ever conversed with someone whose I.Q. was fifty to one hundred points below yours, then you just might understand the challenge inherent in this one task here.

Magical Powers? Perfect Shortcuts ?

Let's narrow it a bit. Do you first understand that there ARE in fact so-called magical powers that create fantastically large results? Are you able to recognize that Paul Newman and Bill Gates and so many other hyper-successful people all use this one mega-ton shortcut to success... as many as thousands and thousands and thousands of times each? Are you closing in on the magic and definably, provably, perfectly empirically deliciously demonstrable power of asking? Bill Gates sells much the same products as many other companies. The difference is, as he himself can tell you, asking for what he wants of more people, and he also makes it his business to ask each person many, many times. That's why there are now hundreds of millions of people in possession of his products and services. By asking millions and millions of people repeatedly to clickthrough to thehungersite to help feed hungry people, more and more people are clicking on the buttons. Saving a life at no charge? Every single time you do it? Of course it's an easy sell. What counts is that the question is asked at least once on hundred of thousands of unique web pages.

Even more than the question itself, the act of asking has the power of exponentiation. Why should one person pay for something when you can ask a hundred people to help pay for it? Are you daring enough to ask one thousand people to pay for it? Finally, do you have the simple brain power to imagine yourself asking millions of people? The Faster Path To Mastery is out to ask at least one billion people one hundred times each to help resolve and erase starvation on the planet. Even if the goal of one billion people reaching out one hundred times in their lifetime is not met, the Faster Path To Mastery knows that the power of physics, the power of Newton's Third Law, the power of repeated action is not power denied; it's power that pays off enormously and repeatedly.

Anyone who is so bad off they do not have food for themselves or their children can be classified however you like. In the Faster Path To Mastery, these people are classified as hungry. Feeding them and teaching them to feed themselves will make your sexual prowess double and triple, it will increase your income, it will make you feel fat and rich and happy and wonderful, and people will smile when they see you coming down the street. If you think you know of a greater power, a greater secret, a greater success technique, a greater feeling when you walk out of your front door, then you need to sit down and share it with the rest of the world. Until then, you're recommended to the Faster Path To Mastery, using your best shortcuts repeatedly to get instant and powerful and helpful results as many times as you like, as often as your heart desires. One hundred times your money back is the guarantee: ask one hundred people one hundred times and you are guaranteed to be twice as far, if not more, twice as far as you've gotten unto today. Less telling, more showing. Your actions are so loud they drown out all words.

Are Perfect Shortcuts Worth The Effort?

What can be better for you than perfect shortcuts proven to work, and every time you use them 100 times?

Are you in that small perecntage of people whose life is now changed dramtically and for the better?

Every day is a test of who and what you are. Every day it rolls out a fresh test, discretely.
In the next sixty seconds you get to approach your test as you have been... or you can electrify your life.

Do you understand the concept of perfect shortcuts?
There is only you and I here - read it twice and more.

Pack your brain with wealth at the Faster Path To Mastery.
Shortcuts can only be perfect shortcuts insofar as they are used.
It is not enough to know perfect shortcuts, even many perfect shortcuts.
What you do with what you know is so much louder than what you say you know.
Engage your perfect shortcuts and you are assured of better and faster results.

Belief in yourself is a start. Energy and enthusiasm are always present in success.
Perfect Shortcuts are like icing on great cake, moving you faster and closer to it all.

Crafted with armfuls of love for you by your Godfather of EyeCandy, for You
These are the perfect shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the perfect shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR perfect shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, and teach yourself here, the Faster Path To Mastery is free for your life.

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The Faster Path To Mastery Admires YOUR Winning Attitude
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Raising one hundred grand in a hurry is possible for those who believe it is,
for those who list their deadlines, and list everyone who could possibly help,
and resolve to ask each one of them, repeatedly if necessary,
and turn the resolution into success with the first step,
repeated one hundred or even one thousand times.
Raising one hundred grand quickly is no biggie;
not when you consider the things you've done.
Do you know how to tie your own shoelaces?
If so, count it among your greatest triumphs,
after you tried to do it thousands of times.
Use more of your perfect shortcuts.
Ask more people more times each.

Thank me later. Feed someone.
THAT'S how to pay me well.

The Faster Path To Mastery Admires YOUR Winning Attitude
Talk about perfect shortcuts to earning your way into a better place, today and far beyond today!

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