Self-empowering shortcuts will show you the way,
to a far more self-empowering and fulfilled type of day.
You see, Self-empowering shortcuts save us so much time,
freeing up more minutes to further our climb.
The ladder of life, like the hand of time,
waits on no one in pursuit of that rise.
Self-empowering shortcuts ease the striving,
self-empowering shortcuts boost the climbing.
Go for the gold, for all you're worth.
with self-empowering shortcuts, for maximum mirth.

Whizzing past the hoi polloi,
like angry buzzing hornets,
winners flash past,
to the checkered flag,
thanks to thoroughly self-empowering shortcuts.

So, you now begin the most productive run of your life,
the most self-empowering and indubitably exciting of all your winning streaks.
Self-empowering yourself with shortcuts, the same shortcuts you learned and knew as a child.
Asking more people more times each is an instant self-empowering shortcut; more, a self-empowering shortcut.
Knowing where you are going will prevent you from accidentally ending up somewhere else. Make a written list.

These two PowerGems alone, used separately or together, will revolutionize every facet of your life.
Until you move yourself into a higher and more productive gear, you have no hope of knowing this.
You can describe a juicy peach all day, and convey very little until it is personally tasted.
Once your teeth sink into that wet, refreshing delight of nature, it is more than talk.
Once you personally experience it, you are in a far beter position to understand.
Self-empowering yourself with shortcuts, of which there are many just for you,
requires no more than the time it takes to make this vital decision.
Your desire is the gasoline, the fuel of your great success.
Knowing how to succeed is knowing to use shortcuts.
Not average or selfish shortcuts for you, right?
Only self-empowering shortcuts will do;
self-empowering for yourself,
and those around you.
Less talk, please,
more action.

Secrets of Success - Succeeding Faster With The Faster Path To Mastery

Develop more of who you are with the Faster Path To Mastery.

Created by your Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

Each of us has a Faster Path To Mastery inside of us; it's a function of childhood.

You knew precisely what was required to get what you wanted.

One day, you suddenly forgot, and never even noticed.
You became aware of yourself socio-sexually, and forgot.
Re-embracing the Faster Path To Mastery is like coming home.
If you were the type of person strong enough to visit the child within you,
you would remember once again that asking seven times is a near-perfect power.
If you are going to open your mouth, make sure it has something to do with resolution.
Between you and your stated desire or goal, there are obstacles. Focus always on resolution.
In the first twenty-two days of doing so, you are likely to double nearly everything in your life.

This is your time, this is your place,
There is no better time to excel.

Shh. Embrace the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.
Enjoy, the Faster Path To Mastery is free for your life.

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B) PowerGems are what you need to find here.
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Empowering Shortcuts

Empowering shortcuts on the vine,
demanding to be plucked with the passage of time.

Empowering shortcuts all around
look and take yourself to town.
Marry and carry each with joy,
remember they're more than complimentary toys.
Empowering shortcuts work best when used,
and always work best when used by you.
Empowering shortcuts rushed by time,
pluck them fresh from yonder vine.
Empowering shortcuts to the end,
all for you, this means to send.
YOUR empowering shortcuts.

These are the shortcuts you use to pay the Faster Path To Mastery,
with love and food for people near you who cannot feed themselves.