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Don't kid yourself into thinking there are no great shortcuts.
Masters and champions know better than you, and do better than you.
Until you can match their performance, heed their secrets!

The more you work your shortcuts, the more you find them working for you.
Further, it gets easier as you go along. Practice makes perfect...
and perfect practice makes that practice perfect.
Best of all, you need not understand why.

Please stop asking 'yes' or 'no' questions. Half of that effort is asking for a 'no.'
This is not how to get more people to give you what you want, which is the secret.
First, and most importantly, you must know precisely what it is you are asking for.
Do not overlook this power just because it is so exquisitely simple in its power.
Put a date, put a figure, put some measurable label on what you want.
You can ask ten times or you can ask ten thousand or more times.
The one thing you can be certain of is the power of asking.
The more you ask, the more you receive. That's it.
It is the power and secret of all billionaires,
asking more people more times each.

More than anything you ever learn as long as you live,
this one PowerGem is the greatest secret of all time.
Beyond any doubt, it is your single greatest power.
Best of all, you get to experience it today.

Instead of asking 'yes' or 'no' questions,
offer two or more enticing alternatives.
Ask which choice they like better!
Instantly double your 'yes' rate.

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