Secrets of Success - Shortcuts Is Why There Is A Faster Path To Mastery

Great shortcuts;
the best of all time.
The life of MisterShortcut.
The Faster Path To Mastery.
Secrets of masters & millionaires.
A ridiculously high I.Q. balanced out
with development of the other hemisphere.
A book or three per day for nearly 15,000 days.
More wisdom in one mind than in that of hundreds.
12,500 documents expanded into more than a million.
along with tens of thousands of innovations of digital art,
each one sharing PowerGems, the best shortcuts of all time.
eachThey are not the result of one brilliant mind condensing them.
They are from masters & millionaires, champions & billionaires.
Those who do it the best know it the best, ergo show it the best.
Everyone else is full of blatherskite: empty, meaningless chatter.
Without exception, every human effort has omnipotent shortcuts.
From surgery to car mechanics, expertise is easily accelerated.
If you knew better, you would do better. Heed those who do.
With dozens of broken or shattered world records,
MisterShortcut offers you the secrets of life.
The Faster Path To Mastery is perfect,
only as far as it impacts your life.
As half your new wealth is mine,
feed starving folks with my share.
You've launched your winning streak.

As God is my witness, this shortcut is so good, you have to laugh.
It is currently being used, as you yourself have seen and can see,
by some of the dumbest humans you might ever want to meet... who are winning.

It is the shortcut of first seeing what you want other people to see in you.
Until you see it, how can you act that way? Until you act that way, as you know,
there is little chance of your becoming that way. It is an instant, huge, power.

You must see what you want others to see in you, and how and what it is you do.
When you see it, you can pretend it, you can act out the part.

Every time you repeatedly act a particular way, you become that way.
So, act the way you want to be in order to become the way you act.
This works for children of fix, six, and seven years of age,
who figure out maximum pressure points they can use on Mom and Dad.
They get their way all through childhood and are spoiled before teenhood.
Thankfully, they are in the minority, and still, they exist enough to teach.

It is up to the individual to learn from those who get what they want, repeatedly.
The most perfect lesson you will ever learn in life is to ask more people more times.
Nothing on the planet can bring you thousands, millions, or billions, as proven every day,
faster, more efficiently, more honestly, more securely, than the power of asking repeatedly.

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Shortcuts, remember, is why we're here,
and shortcuts is what we need to always keep dear.
With shortcuts in your locket, or tucked inside a pocket,
you will lauch your greatest effort and climb higher than a rocket.
Shortcuts vye for you, shortcuts will guide you, shortcuts will never disappoint or decry you.
Shortcuts don't judge nor discern good from bad, and probably wouldn't if it could or it had.
Shortcuts are here to help you along, with shortcuts you know that you cannot go wrong.
For shortcuts come down from each of our masters,
who first lived your problems, with the self-same disasters.

Fill your life with magic and self-empowerment with the Faster Path To Mastery.
Designed to help you to help yourself, by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
The shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and certainly YOUR shortcuts to succeeding.     Enjoy, the Faster Path To Mastery is free for your life.

Shortcuts thought is why we're here,
pusuing highest listings for shortcuts thought to be.
Shortcuts thinking, shortcuts thought,
for all you can, should, and ought.