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    Today is literally the first day of the rest of your life?
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    There is only so much oxygen, and it really should be reserved for those who really live.
    The more you live, the more you give, and the more you give, the more you prove to thrive.

    Until you show us better, how can we think there is even a tiny chance that you know better?
    Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and whatever you want to be remember by or as,
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    You think life is different for you? A batter hitting .300 versus a batter hitting "just" .270?
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    On most every page of the Faster Path To Mastery, you find master secrets of success.
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    Offer choices. "Is this good, or is that better?" produces more happy replies.
    Whatever else you do in this minute, STOP, and exhale thoroughly.
    When you think your lungs are empty, you're very wrong.
    There is still a quart or two of dirty, old air in your lungs.
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    Whatever it is you determine to be among the best at, nothing is faster than using a master recipe.
    You use this secret PowerGem for baking cookies, don't you? Did you invent your own recipe?
    Not at first you didn't. You may well have IMPROVED or INNOVATED, so you did not invent.
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    Once you have their recipe understood, that was when you innovated, added, etc.
    So, too, with using the Faster Path To Mastery and the Life Path of Natural Answers :
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    The Life Path of Natural Answers has proven to work for countless humans.
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    Because you have a computer, you probably do not use your local library anymore, do you? That may be a silly and short-sighted decision.
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