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QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis - Q.R.A.

While Quantum Reflex Analysis is based on Dr. Omura's intial discoveries, it goes quite beyond kinesiology with respect to its accuracy.

Dr. Robert Marshall, a special individual and scientist, bordering on Renaissance Man, whose work will be lauded for many generations from now, vaulted Dr. O'mura's work forward. David Cohen, a NY naturopat, continues to create breakthrough innovations. Dr. Cohen's work with quantum reflex analysis approaches the staggering, for its speed and immediate proof of accuracy.

Dr. Marshall's ground-breaking work in helping to change the paradigm of modern health, waking up formal medicine, which is now assigned responsibility for outrageous medical error and adverse drug reaction deaths.

At PRL, Premiere Research Laboratories, Dr. Marshall's literal pioneering is worth noting, because he integrated the functions of his health and medical research with a company delivering unparalled nutrition. Bob Marshall has undoubtedly advanced healing by larger steps than any identifiable human of the past half-century. We still need to find ways to make sure that finances do not stop people from having access to these bioavailable remedies, medicines, minerals, supplements and even some vitamins, such as their D3 serum, 2000 units in just one drop. Excellent for helping you process good calcium into fresh, new bone, even for people in their nineties, while providing extra protection for all immune functions.

Whether Dr. Gary Null, et alia is proven to be accurate in adding up more than one million deaths each year in the U.S. from iatrogenia and adverse drug reactions (ADR), or whether the total of deaths and sicknesses wrought by iatrogenia and ADR's is "only" up in the hundreds of thousands, we can agree that more than a thousand people die every day just from these two sources, these two causes of death, in the U.S. alone.

Adding to the horror is the number of those who do not die from medical errors or ADR's, and survive, suffering horrifically and all unnecessarily, as if the financial devastation were not enough.

There is no "Yes, but..."   Millions and more millions every year, translating into thousands of people every day going through all that waste and pain and sickness and expense... because of a medical error or a bad reaction to taking the prescribed dosage of a given prescription. Dr. Robert Marshall will change your mind, quickly, comprehensively, and to your enormous satisfaction thanks to what he has done in the arena of Q.R.A., quantum reflex analysis.

Q.R.A. - Quantum Reflex Analysis - How Do I Benefit From Quantum Reflex Analysis?

Good question. Q.R.A. Quantum means tiny, right? A reflex is something you're familiar with, correct? Surely "analysis" is not a challenging word for you, is it? Therefore, by definition alone, you already know what quantum reflex analysis is, or at least you understand the underlying principles of what Bob Marshall and his adherents or subscribers are promulgating as "quantum reflex analysis."

At the tiniest, most nuclear levels that require no technology or attachments, quantum reflex analysis provides you with instant information on precisely what is off-balance or highly vulnerable or perhaps you could say "under-performing" in your body. The accuracy is phenomenal, more so than a hundred doctors with a hundred invasive machines. There is no invasiveness with quantum reflex analysis, because it is based on the science of kinesthesiology. By touching the meridians of any part of the body while a Q.R.A. practitioner pulls apart your tightly clasped middle finger and thumb, you instantly see how strong or weak any organ or tissue in your body is. It's infallible. Only a practitioner can fail to pull with equal strength before and after.

What that means is that the performance of Q.R.A. is actually two tests. First, you clasp your middle finger and thumb together. The Q.R.A. practitioner pulls them apart as you resist. That's your Q.R.A. baseline.

Now, you take your left forefinger and middle finger and press them gently and yet firmly against the meridian of any organ or tissue on the body. As you push firmly, the Q.R.A. practitioner again pulls apart your clasped middle finger and thumb. How much strength you have in resisting at that moment instantaneously tells both you and the Q.R.A. practitioner

Q.R.A. - Quantum Reflex Analysis Is That Easy

The explanation just given on how a Q.R.A. practitioner goes about helping you determine precisely what is strong or weak in your body is that simple. If it strikes you in any way as complicated, you're encouraged to do nothing more or less than read it again. Quantum reflex analysis, especially when used with the help of a qualified Q.R.A. practitioner, who has been specifically trained in Q.R.A. techniques, is fast and, as stated, more accurate than a hundred diagnosticians, because there's no guessing. Your body does not lie. Even when they have strong health challenges, many people simply laugh when they experience their first exposure to the simplicity, the power, and, most of all, the accuracy of quantum reflex analysis. Whoever would have thought it could be so simple?

Q.R.A. - Is Quantum Reflex Analysis The Same As Diagnosis?

Not close. Q.R.A. is not the same as diagnosis, for more than one reason. Most importantly, or at least most notably, Q.R.A. differs from diagnosis in that a diagnosis is a specific protocol designed to match a symptom with a drug. Some medical doctors, although probably a tiny minority, may try to state that diagnosis is a protocol to match a symptom with a cure. We know that this is untrue because drugs cannot cure. At best, they can help your body to cure itself, but only by depressing your body's natural fighting systems in hope of depressing your body's natural functions so much that the body believes that death is encroaching or imminent, stimulating a tremendous effort by the body to overcome an infection, invader, or other injurious imbalance of one or more systems within the body. Even antibiotics, which many people believe are innocuous, are anything but, and likely to do more damage than benefit.

Either way, quantum reflex analysis remains very different from a mere diagnosis. Whether a diagnosis is designed to match a symptom with a drug, or to match a symptom with a purported cure, they both seek to suppress a symptom, rather than look at why the symptom is present. Naturopathy in general looks at underlying causes rather than symptoms, which explains why natural medicines and remedies have a higher rate of success in helping a patient to heal than prescription or pharmaceutical drugs do; a rate, in fact, which is suprisingly higher across the board in every known medical malady involving what is labeled as "disease." Quantum reflex analysis does not require any questions or blood tests or anything even slightly invasive. Q.R.A. is a simple, powerful physical test that takes remarkably little time to learn, about ten seconds to practice, and you can do it several times in your first minute of knowing how to do it..