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The Biosyntonic Table

The Biosyntonic Table is a true center of energetic regeneration. It consists of 29 Ter de Lys ceramic tiles. Three major properties of the natural waves are implemented in the table.

Blue ceramic tiles improve and optimize the functions of biological systems by restoring proper communication between biological systems such as glands and organs. They improve synchronization of various biological clocks, as well.

White ceramic tiles, which are activated by the music. They also have an impact on the D.N.A. The benefits of the music therapy are becoming more recognized. Researchers, like Joel STERNEIMER and Jacotte CHOLET in France, highlighted the action of the music on the cellular functions. In their research, the concept of natural reference is not mentioned.

When electronic generators produce sound, they produce synthetic waves with sinus bi-dimensional form.

Biosyntony and Natural Physics

The natural waves made with instruments (no electronic amplification) have three dimensional vortex waves.

Contemporary physics create synthetic bi-dimensional waves, which control and block biological receptors. This obliges the biological receivers to conform to elaborate program, which dissociates them from their opti- mal function within their own system and within their surrounding natural environment. This is not conductive to proper function and well being of biological systems. It causes them to deviate from their normal function and become dysfunctional and diseased.

Natural physics, which is made from three-dimensional vortex waves, release energy. When theses waves enter biological systems they stimulate biological receptors and optimize biological functions in harmony with their natural environment and natural biorhythms. This is in essence how Biosyntony works by restoring the natural resonance of three-dimensional waves through natural resonance phenomena.

Biosyntony - Natural Acoustic Waves

The acoustic waves from the loudspeakers interact with the ceramics of the Sonolys program (the white tiles in the Biosyntonic table). A natural wave, in the vortex wave shape is released from the interaction of the sinus sound waves from the loud speakers with the white Biosyntonic Sonolys tiles. It joins the acoustic waves which consequently conveys a complex wave of vortex shape to the sound. This combination of artificial wave and natural wave enters the biological receivers. The recognized natural vortex waves makes it possible for the system to behave according to properties' of natural physics. Bio-available energy is released and makes it possible to restore the normal function to the systems expopsed to these waves.

Artificial light generated by an electromagnetic generator of light waves, under certain conditions, takes control of the biological environment and increases tiredness and stress. Photosensitive sensors are located at the level of the skin and the eyes. The eyes have a relationship to all biological functions throughout the brain. The assessment of the iris, or iridology, reveals the quality of the terrain or the physical body. The eyes are also "the window of the Soul". Therapy with color, color therapy, does not constitute the same level of regulation as the Photon-therapy resulting from this process which is more subtle and deeper. The light interacting with the Biosyntonic ceramics in the table in the table restores photons into their natural vortex shape.

The Table of BioSyntony constitutes a true Bio-space. It amplifies the effect of the various programs of Biosyntony developed to date.

Biosyntony | Life Path of Natural Answers

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